Thursday, 18 February 2010

Sinuhet, the Egyptian

So, just to show that I´m only a complete fashion freak, I´ve decided to make this Must-Read column here. That means I´m going to write about books which I´ve read and which I´d like to recommend to you guys (because believe it or not, there ARE some books in this world, which are absolutely NOT worth reading : ) ).

Ok I will start out with the latest book I´ve read: Sinuhet, the Egyptian, written my Mika Waltari.
Since I study the IB programme and I have Czech as my mother tongue (self – taught), I choose this book because it´s so famous in CZ and also because I actually have it at home.

The book is long, I won´t lie to you. And it gets boring at the end, but it is the kind of a book, where you just can´t stop reading...
This book is about a man (doctor), Sinuhet, who lives in ancient Egypt. He describes his life, from the first day he remembers till “now”. I can´t write about all the stuff that happens to him, because he really goes through a lot, but it´s really interesting to read, and some parts are really breath-taking.
The interesting thing about this book is that it was partly based on a true story, and therefore is extremely interesting if you´re an ancient Egypt freak (which I´m not, but it was interesting anyways).

Sometimes, you may wonder about the weird thoughts and action he has/takes. Some of them are very funny (e.g. his and others view points on sex and sexuality, the female body ideal), but some of them are like: “Omg, noo... He just didn´t say that, did he?”

I loved this book, because it is so true, and the things he´s saying, still works for today (you can see how little the society has changed). Also, Sinuhet became my top first person to quote when I write my speeches.

So when you´re bored, it´s winter and you want to enjoy a good book then read this one.

- 8 out of 10 stars -

- Oreeille

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Winter and shopping

It´s winter break in Denmark... That means one week with staying up all nigh, waking up at 7 o´clock because to your annoying sister trying to steal your laptop, eating fat meals and then flipping out in the gym (my body is TOTALLY destroyed!!), working (yes, I LOVE my job - when I´m not at school I work, whuee for my life), and preparing for ALL my tests and exams which are all coming up next week (why, why whyyy??!).

But I still have time for shopping (omg, all my savings are.. gone! (ok, that´s not true, but still...)and hanging out with my friends, so that´s good..
So, you may wonder what I bought this month... Actually, not that much, although I have BIG plans to buy so many other things - which I of course need.
- Burberry Scarf (the completely original one.. I don´t know, I just needed it, and also, I loved the 100% cashmere "softness")
- Philosophy Blues Original winter dress (I needed it for this opening of Czech movies in Copenhagen, so I don´t really feel guilty).
- Lots and lots of Nørdgaard på Strøget (danish label) long sleeve shirts. They are so comfortable and so nice!
- About 4 cardigans of different colours for my spring clothes (the cardigans are cheaper now) By the way, did I ever mention that I am a cardigan freak?
- Lingerie (And I also became a member of the Change Club - that means lots of discount for me, whuee!)

I think that was it for now (I think I bought more, but that wasn´t anything special).

Ok, and now thing I WANT to buy (and go completely bankrupt):
- Marc Jacobs shoes (aaaaaaaaargh, I almost died, when I saw them today!)

And yes, I know that I need boots and not summer shoes, but I´m in loove..

- A black coat. (After I saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I was in love with that black coat she has, and I´m still looking for one, who looks just like it).

- Boots... but I love the Marc Jacobs shoes.. NOO I NEED BOOTS! but.. but.. NOOO!!

- I have to write to Emmy Design about the dress...

Ok, so that was about it for today.. Tomorrow, I´m going shopping to CPH, and Thursday, I MIGHT buy those Marc Jacobs shoes and be happy for the rest of my life :) .

Ok, good night you guys!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Cosmetics...Always something to talk/write about

Cosmetics.. This post isn´t going to discuss different labels and commenting which one is the best. I would like to write about my favourite top cosmetic products - it might be helpful for some lost souls.

So, my favourites... Well, it differs from product to product, but my top favourite labels are:
- Elizabeth Arden
- Nivea (but only their Soft Cream)
- Lancome

I will start with creams:
Elizabeth Arden Eight-Hour-Cream! Absolute MUST-OWN, I´m totally addicted to her creams, they are the number one!

problem) When I was younger, and couldn´t afford E.A. cosmetics, I was a huge fan of Nivea Soft Cream. It´s really good, if you have a very greasy skin (luckily not my problem). Also, it´s very cheap, and I like the new "wrap" or whatever you call it.

Ok, lets go to make up and foundations.
There, I have 2 labels, I´d like to mention - Elizabeth Arden, for "her" foundation
It´s really good, because it holds throughout the night, but you can´t use it without an extra layer of powder make-up.
And that brings me to the other label - Manhattan Skin Careface. It contains Zinc (which is the best you can give to your skin, said my cosmetician ), and that was actually the reason why I bought it. I really recommend it, because it is really good, it lets the skin "breathe" and the toning is great.

What it comes to other make up, I only use E.A. - there are many advantages when you use only label only, because then the colours usually match.

Maybe I should mention 2 products from Lancome - their Juicy Tubes lip glosses and their Make-up remover.
I couldn´t live without a quality lip gloss (you know those sticky and bad-tasting lip glosses, eew).
The other thing is the make-up remover, which I totally adore, because it doesn´t leave that oily feeling on the skin.

So, that was about it for now... I´m sure that I´ll write a follow-up soon. I HAVE to write about the Chanel mascaras and Dior Nail polish... (*in love*)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2010

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2010...

There are so many thing I could write about it... But if I should describe it, then I would use these words: Amazing, fabulous, glamorous and freakin´ cool!
  • I really really like the Scandiavian Fashion (but only for women, I will explain that later)! I think that this was THE event of the winter in Copenhagen (Yes, because the Climate Meeting in CPH was a failure).
    So, maybe I should say something about it...

  • Label, which positively surprised me? - Cream (yes, one of my favourite)

  • The most RETRO peace, which I loved? - Black glasses from "HimmelRiget"

  • I was kind of disappointed with the scarfs there.. The colours didn´t change since last year, which I think is kind of disappointing.

  • Shoes were ok, I liked some pieces, but it wasn´t anything special.

  • And now the dresses: (Yes, I admit it, I am a dress freak, and therefore that was THE thing I was looking most forward to). I loved them, especially the fact that the new colour is silver, which really made me thrilled. Although, the dress, which I fell in love with was a one, made by a Swedish designer Emmy, from Emmy Design. (to the right) (I sooo have to write to the designer (she seemed like a really nice lady, when I talked to her) and ask her, where I can buy this dress, I think, this is my MUST-HAVE for the summer season)

  • Well, now I´m going to upload my favourite pictures and outfits from the show (The first picture was taken by me (front-rower):

New Blog, New Start, New Writing

So, this is it... A new blog..
So, what is it going to be about? Well, it´s so hard to say or describe... I´m a completely normal girl, but with completely NOT normal view on this world, and people often tell that it could be cool, if I made a blog in English so they could read about all my "adventures".

So, maybe, I should say a few words about me:
Name: Kate (Oreeille)
Nationality: Czech
Living in: Close to Copenhagen, Denmark
What am I doing, when I don´t have a life? Studying the IB programme (so I don´t have a life)
What do I like: Music, Dancing, Reading, My Friends, Fashion, Food making (and eating)Movies, Blogging, Parties, Family and other Social Events (concerts etc).

Well, I really change my favourite music, food, events and other stuff, so I can´t really write, which one is my favourite...
So that was something about me. And now... LETS START BLOGGING!